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Executive Session Men's Grooming Studio was founded in 2022 after two friends, David Bennett and Troy Strother had a vision to create a distinguished male grooming experience in a tranquil and luxurious masculine setting in Charleston, SC.


They believed men need a place to relax and refresh their minds and bodies while indulging in premium grooming services provided by experienced and caring grooming professionals. The studio also serves as a place for men to gather and socialize, have a beverage, shoot some pool and even stock-up on the latest high-quality men's grooming products.


Men will notice how better they look and feel after a session at the studio and others will be sure to complement them on their appearance too!



Our Story


Young Man's Cut

Basic cut with optional shampoo for an additional charge (age 13- 17)

starting at $35

Classic Cut

Basic cut with complimentary shampoo

starting at $45

Luxury Cut

starting at $55

Barber cut and/or style with a straight razor edging including complimentary shampoo and conditioner with a 5 min. scalp massage

Shampoo wash add on


Line-up - optional straight razor



Oil Treatment (head/beard)


Moisturize Treatment (head/beard)

Beard /Shave add on


Beard /Shave add on w/ razor


Luxury Beard/Groom/Shave


Barber trim with clippers and straight razor optional with and essential oil infused hot towel for calming and relaxation followed by a moisturing beard oil.

Kids cut up to age 12


Kids line up to age 12


Kids touch up to age 12


Nose or Ear Hair Removal


Brow Shaping



Deep Tissue Massage and Relaxation (30 min)


Inspire on traditional Thai massage and relaxation that are centered on using acupressure, stretching, and relaxation. This full body massage is designed to help unlock the body by releasing tension, stress, anxiety, headaches, muscles, and joint pain.

Deep Tissue Massage Popular Style (60 min)


It works through the 10 principal body energy lines (I-Tha, Pim-Kala, Sumana, Kala-Tare) which are connected with the earth elements (Wind, Fire, Water, Air) and get them on balance. To provide this massage the client wears comfortable clothes such as shorts and a T-shirt (if wanted). No oil and/or body cream is needed, and the masseuse works with body movements, stretching and acupressure on interaction with the customers needs.


Luxe (60 min)

Your therapist will integrate thorough restorative work that targets specific areas of pain and tension working on the allocated zone to get rid of knots, accumulated stress, numb arms, legs, or back pain release.

Our signature massage is the ultimate relaxation treatment. Your choice of essential oil to relax the mind as you begin to drift away. Our skilled therapist will begin with a facial massage and continue on leaving you feeling balanced, relaxed and rejuvenated.

Executive -1.5 hrs



Classic Manicure

Complete nail care with hot towel followed by a hand massage with optional buff and shire


Luxe Manicure

Complete nail care, sugar scrub, hot towel, hand massage with optional buff and shire


Executive Manicure


An intensive hydrating treatment with complete nail care. Focusing on dry skin using a sugar scrub, warm paraffin wax that leaves your hands hydrated and soft. End with a hot towel wrap and a moisturizing hand massage with optional buff and shine

Classic Pedicure

Complete care of your feet including a salt scrub to remove dead skin, callus treatment, hot towel and a massage lotion with optional buff and shine.



Luxe Pedicure

This treatment offers you a therepeutic foot bath with our most popular essential oils. You will receive a complete nail care, callus treatment, sugar scrub, mask, hot towels, massage lotion with optional buff and shine.

Executive Pedicure


The executive experience starts with a warm neck and shoulder wrap to remove tension, a complete nail care including a callus treatment, sugar scrub, organic mudd masque, hot towels, a soothing gel, a paraffin wax leaving your feet smooth with optional buff and shine.

Dip Removal


Dip Powder


Gel Pedicure

Gel Manicure 



Gel Manicure & Pedicure


Buff & Shine


Kids Manicure 

Kids Pedicure 




Coastal Wave -2 hrs

Enjoy a classic haircut, a soothing hot steam classic facial along with a relaxing classic manicure and a classic pedicure.


Cedar Cave -2.5 hrs

Enjoy a luxe haircut, a luxe facial and your choice of eyebrow grooming with our tea tree oil infused hot towel and a therapeutic pedicure.


Parlour Treatment - 3 hrs


Enjoy this entire spa package startingwith a luxe haircut, a luxe facial, moisturizing beard/mustache treatment with our tea tree oil infused hot towel, a relaxing manicure and a rejuvenating pedicure.


Signature Facial -30 min


Includes two cleanses, facial massage, power treatment with serum and ends with a SPF 30/50 moisturizer.

Luxe Facial -1hr

Tailored specifically for your needs. This treatment detoxes and purifies the skin


Executive Facial -1.5 hrs


Our signature facial includes warm aromatic towels. developed to handle skin care problems men commonly face such as ingrown hairs, flaky skin, razor bumps and more

Back Facial -30 min


Our Backcials will start with a nice steam to prep and soften the back. Your back will enjoy a relaxing cleanse , soothing exfoliant and a mask. It will be followed by a moisturizer and a light massage.

High Freq Facial - 1 hr


This treatment aids in getting rid of hyperpigmentation, acne treatment, cellulite, under eye circles, oxygenate the skin, kills bacteris with contact. Argon or neon gas inside the probes which generates electricial current and high oscillation produces heat and tones the skin. It is safe. Treat every 2-3x's per week

Scalp Treatment

Warm oil is used in this treatment. It is designed to stimulate blood flow and circulation.



Removes unwanted hair from the root, leaving your skin smooth without stubbles oppose to shaving.

Small Area

Chin, jaw, mustache


Med Area

3 small areas and under arm


Lrg Area

Chest, back and thighs



Inner thighs and around buttocks


Makeup -1.5 hrs


Costum Makeup -2 hrs




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Contact Us

1646 Ashley Hall Road Charleston, SC 29407


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