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Charleston, SC, USA

Job Type

Full Time

About the Role

We are looking for compassionate esthetician to perform skin, body, and hair removal
treatments. The esthetician will consult with clients to assess their requirements, make
informed recommendations, explain services, assist them to select appropriate treatments, and
ensure their care and satisfaction.


  • Providing waxing, facials, body treatments, and makeup applications and lessons.

  • Interviewing clients to obtain information about contraindications and examining skin to

    evaluate the suitability of treatments.

  • Advising clients on skincare and recommending suitable treatments and home care


  • Engaging and conversing with clients during sessions on topics relating to their interests.

  • Adhering to esthetics policies pertaining to chemical usage, and cleaning, sanitizing, and

    maintenance of equipment.

  • Caring for linens and replacing them between sessions.

  • Ceasing treatment and informing supervisor in the event of inappropriate guest behavior.

About the Company

Executive Session Men's Grooming Studio was founded in 2022 to create a distinguished male grooming experience in a tranquil and luxurious masculine setting in Charleston, SC. It is a place for men to relax and refresh their minds and bodies while indulging in premium grooming services provided by experienced and caring grooming professionals. The studio also serves as a place for men to gather and socialize, have a beverage, shoot some pool and even stock-up on the latest high-quality men's grooming products.

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